As a funeral director in New England you are probably well aware of the growing desire for families to have pipers present at funerals. However, it is very difficult to find good quality pipers during the working day since most have regular jobs. I can help you solve this problem.

My name is Iain Massie. Many of you use my services on a regular basis already. For those of you unfamiliar with my name and services, feel free to visit my Experience page.

I realize that funeral directors are very busy. To find a piper at short notice is just another planning headache. When a piper canít do the engagement, most just say sorry and leave you to call around and find someone else. Now obviously, I canít do all the engagements asked of me. However, I never ever leave a funeral director without a piper once he has called me. I also make every effort to get the best piper available. Once the call is made, it's just another thing you donít have to worry about.

If you have not used a piper before and find yourself in need, please visit my Funeral Tips page to acquaint yourself with the pipers usual role. You will also find music selections on the Sound Gallery page for the family to listen to and make their selections. They will feel more comfortable with a piper having read his background and seen his credentials.

Finally, below you will find a list of your fellow funeral directors who have used my services in the past. Some have been kind enough to provide me with a short testimonial.

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